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Rethinking the Lotus Bowl at Auction

by Laura A. Macaluso · Arts Paper / Arts Council of Greater New Haven · April 5, 2021

When Public Art Made the Walls Talk

It’s a riot of color and design, a range of faces representing every human emotion from happiness to concern. The city swirls behind the people, the perspective almost creating a sense of vertigo. And the people’s hands reach out to us still, across four decades and through a paint job that erased them… View

by Brian Slattery · New Haven Independent · August 8, 2019

“Community Mural Program Remembered”

In early 2017 New Haven’s Q” House on Dixwell Avenue was imploded to make way for a new community center. Inside that long-abandoned Modernist building were two murals painted almost forty years ago… View

by Laura A. Macaluso · Connecticut Explored · Summer 2019

New Haven’s Vast Public Art Is Often Unseen

by Randall Beach · New Haven Register ·

Here Comes the Story of a Stray Dog Named Stubby, World War I Hero from New Haven

by Randall Beach · New Haven Register ·

Compatible with his Cerebral Organization

by Anne Ewbank · Daily Nutmeg ·

This Dog Had a Sensibility

by Anne Ewbank · Daily Nutmeg ·

The Scene They Left Behind

by Anne Ewbank · Daily Nutmeg ·

Now and Then

by Anne Ewbank · Daily Nutmeg ·

The 102nd Regiment on the Western Front

by Laura Macaluso · Connecticut Explored · Spring 2017