Colonial Klaus in Thomas Jefferson’s House

Klaus, a black-and-tan long-haired dachshund is walking the grounds of historic Poplar Forest, where Thomas Jefferson lived more than 200 years ago. The little dog follows a scent into a rabbit hole and when he pops out at the other end, finds himself wearing a tri-corn hat. He meets Thomas Jefferson and his grand-daughters, Ellen and Cornelia, and realizes he has been transported into the past. The book follows “Colonial Klaus” as he inspects the landscape and octagonal house at Poplar Forest, meeting members of the enslaved community of people who labor on the plantation and make possible Jefferson’s life and legacy. Intertwined in this story are Jefferson’s recollections of the special year, 1776, when he wrote the Declaration of Independence and helped to create a new country. The writing and illustrations evoke a historic sense of time and place that can still be found today when you visit Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest.

Mascot Books · 2019

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