Claims on the City: Situated Narratives of the Urban

Claims on the City: Situated Narratives of the Urban captures a snapshot of the events, protests, and movements that disrupt a city’s existing rhythms across cultures and nationalities and compels us to rethink our understanding of the urban. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the editors and contributors detail on-the-ground events and transformations of different cities embattled in social movements, and capture solidarities of people against the mechanisms of state and global capitalism through situated narratives and microhistories of resistance.

Claims on the City approaches the understanding of cities from methods grounded in humanities, focusing on the humane, subjective, emotive aspects of the cities. The contributors bring together perspectives from the disciplinary locations of performance studies, film studies, architecture, cultural studies, heritage studies, history, and religious studies; an unusual selection in studying the urban.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Choreographing the City

Chapter 1: Occupying Bangkok: Performing Rights Across the City in a Series of Unpredictable Flash Mobs in Neoliberal Thailand

Rubkwan Thammaboosadee

Chapter 2: From Confederate Monuments to Black Lives Matter Protests: The Role of Material Culture in Shaping and Reshaping Richmond’s Racialized Landscape

Incoronata (Nadia) Inserra and Lee Ann Timreck

Chapter 3: Yale: RESPECT New Haven (New Artwork to Protest an Old University)

Laura A. Macaluso

Chapter 4: Allegory or Algorithm: The Smart City as Monument

Richard Simpson

Part 2: Culturescapes of Rapid Urbanization

Chapter 5: Memory, Nostalgia, and Asakusa in Contemporary Japanese Cinema and Television

Mina Qiao

Chapter 6: Filming the City: Embodying Interruption

Dikshya Karki

Chapter 7: Claiming History, Claiming Present: Muslim Diaspora and Hyderabad City

C.Yamini Krishna

Chapter 8: The Soul of The City: Mindfulness Practice in Hong Kong

Marin Nycklemoe

Chapter 9: Languages of Care: Exploring Articulations of Neglect and Backwardness among Laboring Migrants in Bengaluru

Swathi Shivanand

Chapter 10: Hiking is Caring: “Kong Wu” and “Hang Shan” as Concepts to Understand the Changing Sense of Belonging in Hong Kong’s Rural Landscape

Hui Lok Hang

Part 3: Microhistories of Placemaking

Chapter 11: Popular Experiences and City Making in Brazilian Amazonia: Manaus, 1890-1900

Thais R. S. de Sant´Ana

Chapter 12: Sufi Shrines in Hyderabad and its Community’s Claims within The Urban

Amy Phua Mei Yen

Chapter 13: Theatrical Landscapes: Exploring Single Screen Theatres in Ernakulam as Urban Icons and Indicators

Rajarajeshwari Ashok

Chapter 14: Caste of Our Neighbors: Understanding “Middle-class” Attitudes Towards Caste Through Urban Property in Kolkata

Sreya Sen

Chapter 15: War on Slums: Slum-free City Programs and People’s Struggles to Stay Put in Visakhapatnam

Indivar Jonnalagadda

Chapter 16: Tribal Aspirations and The City

Elvin Xing Yifu

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