Women on the Pilgrimage to Peace

This interdisciplinary volume examines intersecting journeys of women from around the globe on their pilgrimages to peace. It consists of twelve chapters that discuss theoretical and practical issues related to the study of peace. The focus of this volume is the successful movement from war to building peace through nonviolent means. It is a study of how and why contemporary tactics of a nonviolent approach have proved effective. International scholars from Ukraine, India, Lebanon, and the US, amongst others, explore the ways in which journeys towards peace have evolved amid the twenty-first century’s growing social changes in their respective countries.

This collection will provide a valuable resource for those researching and practising peace and conflict resolution studies, sociology, comparative cultural studies, history, and international development studies.

Edited by Anna Hamling. Contributors:

Christelle Barakat

Aditi Basu

Archa Bhatnagar

Sierra Cougot

Patlee Creary

Mayy ElHayawi

Maureen Flaherty

Nina Hayduk

Yuliia Ivaniuk

Masha Kardashevskaya

Atousa Kaviani

Marion Kiprop

Liliya Klos

Larysa Klymanska

Laura Macaluso

Tehseen Nisar

Vedran Obucina

Oluchi Ogbu

Yana Petrus

Hajer Salem

Tetiana Shapovalova

Sofiya Stavkova

Kathleen Tobin

Cambridge Scholars Publishing · 2024

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