Why the fight over New Haven’s Christopher Columbus statue continues

by Ben Lambert · New Haven Register · July 10, 2020

Columbus monument may hold secrets of 1892; committee to determine replacement

NEW HAVEN — Mayor Justin Elicker announced Monday that a committee, composed of Italian-American groups and others, will decide what will replace the statue of Christopher Columbus in Wooster Square… View

by Ed Stannard · New Haven Register · June 29, 2020

History May Lie Under Columbus Pedestal

As the debate rages on about this week’s removal of the Columbus Monument in Wooster Square—and what to replace it with—yet another voice may soon emerge… View

by Allan Appel · New Haven Independent · June 26, 2020

Diversity of Voices Essential for Public Art History

Talk Back: Responses to “Isn’t It Time for Art History to Go Public?” Derrick R. Cartwright, Jayne Cole, Laura A. Macaluso, Kelli Morgan In the fall of 2019, we solicited responses to our Bully Pulpit, “Isn’t It Time for Art History to Go Public?” guest-edited by Laura M. Holzman… View

by Laura Macaluso · Panorama, Journal of the Association of the Historians of American Art · Spring 2020 (6.1)

City Needs to Discuss Monuments

In a statement released by Lynchburg Mayor Treney Tweedy on June 4, Tweedy uses the Lynchburg Museum’s “Five Forks Battle Flag: A Community Perspective” exhibit from January of this year as crutch to deflect from addressing the monument question, which last week took another turn in Virginia with the removal of a Confederate monument in… View

by Laura A. Macaluso · News & Advance · June 10, 2020

Writes of Spring: Spring Nature Diary 2020

“Spring comes … as though this island were its natural home, as though this small green platform on the edge of the Atlantic was the original spawning ground of the season.” Laurie Lee The first day of spring marks a turning point in the year, bringing the promise of new life and longer warmer days… View

by Laura Macaluso · Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) · Spring 2020

Point of Honor secures partial funding for new education center

By Sarah Honosky Dec 23, 2019 A view of the exterior of Point of Honor on Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019. The long-awaited expansion of Point of Honor is taking new strides, securing $28,000 in grant money in the past month alone… View

by Sarah Honosky · News & Advance · December 23, 2019

Paul Wayland Bartlett’s Lafayette on Horseback

VSA 2019… View

by Laura Macaluso · Nineteenth Century, The Magazine of the Victorian Society in America · Volume 39, Number 2

Point of Honor brings enslaved perspective to house tour in first-ever presentation at Lynchburg historic site

At Point of Honor, the house tour always has started at the front door. And why wouldn’t it? A lush green lawn frames the two-story Federal mansion’s main entrance, classic red brick and white trim inviting visitors into the historic Lynchburg home… View

by Sarah Honosky · The News & Advance · November 1, 2019

Bell Ringing Ceremony to Commemorate 400 Years of First Enslaved Africans

A nationwide bell ringing ceremony echoed throughout the country on Sunday afternoon to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in English-occupied North America… View

by Emily Elconin · The News & Advance · August 25, 2019